Welcome to our blog!

As you probably know by now from browsing our website, Better Beginnings is a non-profit that empowers parents to raise happy, healthy eaters.  Rather than producing original content for this blog, we spend most of our time finding new partners to host our program, implementing interactive group workshops with parents on young children and fundraising so that we can expand our reach to new sites in Westchester County (New York) and Fairfield County (Connecticut).  

We want to support our graduating families (and other parents of young children like them), so we do spend quite a bit of time reviewing research studies, reading parenting/nutrition blogs and listening to podcasts on topics near and dear to our core program content.  We know there is a lot of confusing or misleading information out there, so we like to act as a filter and endorser to spare parents that time and energy (and to squeeze every drop of value out of our M.S. in nutrition science!).  

As we find good content, we post it to our FaceBook page, so please “like” it (click on the "f" at the bottom of this page).

We also send out a monthly newsletter, which will now become an email linked to a monthly blog post.  This blog will also celebrate new sites, graduations and fundraising events, as well as periodically spotlighting some of our amazing graduates.  

We hope you enjoy it!